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The Uptown Association

The Uptown Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes Uptown as a safe, prosperous, accessible, well-maintained and environmentally responsible commercial and residential area. It also exists to improve the economic stability and vitality of Uptown and to celebrate its unique spirit and sense of community.

The Uptown Association was formed in 1975 as the Hennepin Lake Improvement Association by approximately ten Uptown business and property owners. Since then, it has grown to over 100 members. The Association welcomes diversity of all kinds and advocates the greater benefit of the entire Uptown community, including members and non-members alike. Any commercial interest within the geographic boundaries can become a member of the Uptown Association. The organization is member based with a volunteer Board of Directors of 10.

The Association serves in a variety of capacities to over 500 businesses and 4 neighborhood associations in the footprint of Uptown’s geographical boundaries. The Association has five working and active committees that include its Board of Directors, members, non-members and resident representation. The Association is also the producer of the Uptown Art Fair, which just celebrated it’s 53rd year.


The Uptown Association’s mission is to improve the economic vitality and sustainability of Uptown through collaboration and partnerships.

We do this by:

  • Promoting discussions among property owners, businesses, tenants and residents in the Uptown Commercial Area for upgrading and development of the area.
  • Providing a stimulus for the improvement of the area by promoting comprehensive planning for the continued implementation of a unified and integrated Planning, Development and Promotion of the Uptown Area.
  • Creating activities and promotions that are used for the exclusive benefit of the Uptown Area.

Uptown Association
1406 West Lake Street, Lower Level
Minneapolis, MN 55408