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The Adopt-a-Block program is an initiative by the Uptown Association, that provides businesses with tools and resources to actively combat local graffiti, reduce litter and serve as an active deterrent of crime in Uptown.

“The success of Adopt-a-Block will ultimately depend on the community’s willingness to band together, and fight for a united community,” said Maude Lovelle, Executive Director of Uptown Association. “We’re not just asking these community leaders to clean up graffiti and trash, we’re asking them to take charge in the initiative to make Uptown a safer, more beautiful place to live, work and play.”

The Uptown Association will provide all the supplies and training you need to successfully clean your block. Cleanup efforts can be as simple as regularly reporting and cleaning graffiti, or partnering with other businesses and neighbors for an annual cleanup event. The greater your efforts, the greater your reward! The Uptown Association will provide ongoing and year-end incentives for businesses that not only participate in, but excel at their cleanup efforts.

If you are interested in cleaning up your community or need supplies, please contact